Tea rocks

Tea is amazing. It tastes great. And works well to keep you awake if that’s what you want from it.

There is tea for all tastes

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of teas out there, each one tasting different according to the soil the leaves were cultivated on, the fermentation method of the leaves and its time span. And to add to the complexity, there is an infinite way of brewing each one of them regarding the teapot to use, the water to brew them with and its temperature.

There is literally no one way to brew them and the subjective taste of each drinker is all that matters. That includes sugar and cream. I usually drink mine alone, but sometimes i add sugar and/or milk. I care about enjoying it, not maxing pointless supposed health benefits, see below.

It can be inexpensive

Or as expensive as you want it to be. You only need a cup, a stove, water and tea in bag or loose leaf. Paradoxically, high quality tea can be cheaper than inexpensive tea at $/cup when bought at not-that-large quantities.

Tea doesn’t cause jitters as much as coffee

Sure it can if you go and drink 1 liter in one go. But tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, with an average cup of tea having around half of that of an average cup of coffee.

There are alleged health benefits to drinking tea

I don’t think these matter much. Better to excercise and eat less sugar than any amount of tea you can drink before it becomes bad for you.

Just don’t overdo it close to meals. It seems some components hinder iron absorption. Plus, the nutrients in tea don’t absorb well with food/fat in your stomach (thus no milk or cream if you care about that stuff). This goes for caffeine as well.