Ronald Stark was fucking based

Ronald Stark

(1938 - 1987)

Brotherhood of eternal love

During the 60s, there was a drug mafia called “The brotherhood of eternal love”. They would literally give LSD for free (Or at a very low price) to anyone who wanted it. LSD was legal from these times, it was illegalized in 1968 because LSD was associated to these anti-patriotic, anti-nuclear, “leftist” counterculture group, so the government didn’t like it so they illegalized their toy. Obviously they didn’t give a fuck.

A good day, Ronald Stark showed up at the Brotherhood of Eternal Love with 1kg of LSD (which is from 30000 to 40000 doses…). Altough some sources say that he made up to 20kg of LSD, it is not verified.

His mission was to destroy both capitalism and socialism. Using LSD as a tool for this purpose.

Adventures in Italy

Another good day, in 1975, “Terrence W. Abbott” was holding a geniune British passport in Italy. The police captured him because he had ~5kg of morphine, marijuana and cocaine with him. Mr Abbott was actually Ronald Stark. Stark went to jail, where he joined the Red Brigades, a italian communist group.

Then he had a trial, During the trial, he said in perfect Arabic that he is a Palestinian revolutionary from the “Group 14” and that he demands to be judged by a higher authority. The judge must have freaked the fuck out. A guy you’re judging for drug dealing is now an palestinian revolutionary. And you never suspected that he could speak Arabic.

Then they asked the leader of that group if he knew Stark, he said yes.

His wish was fulfied, and Graziano Gori started to do an investigation on Stark, sadly Gori died a few days later in very weird ways.

So another judge got in his case, This judge decided to release him from prision because he was an undercovered CIA Agent.

Back to the US

In 1982 he was captured again with 7kg of hashish, and got released, beacuse a lot of time passed and no one knew how to do this case.

In 1987, Stark died from a Heart Attack


This guy was part of (At least)

And he wanted to destroy capitalism and socialism using LSD.