Thinkpads are awesome (at least old ones)


Old thinkpads are so easy to modify (unscrew one thing and you can get to the storage device). The keyboard is awesome, it has a cool and productive layout. And an awesome keyfeel.

If you have one of the supported models, you can even change the BIOS, to a better initialization software.

Lenovo killed thinkpads, they put this HORRIBLE keyboard layout (it also looks horrible)

Horrible keyboard. Click to zoom.

Plus the trackpad buttons sucks.


If you don’t use the trackpoint. You have to use it right now. It will make you very productive. You don’t have to move your hands to the mouse/trackpad to move the cursor. There are keyboards with trackpoints.

The only bad thing about thinkpads is the BIOS PCI cards whitelist. Which can be bypassed with a BIOS mod or replacing the BIOS.