xmpp is the instant messaging protocol out there¹

The Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a messaging protocol which allows you to… exchange message with a chat partner and know if said partner is online, busy, away… At its core it is very minimal. But as its name says, it is extensible so there are extensions like multi user chats (MUCs) OpenPGP encryption, OMEMO encryption, OTR encryption, profile pictures…

As it is a protocol rather than a software. There are a lot of clients to choose from. To name a few, dino, gajim, profanity (for linux), conversations for android, monal for the apple garbage…


You and your friend can setup your own xmpp servers and a server to server communication will be made. (yourdomain.tld -> frendomain.tld) just like emails. So the messages aren’t centralizated. Making it good for privacy

Easy encryption

xmpp supports OMEMO and OpenPGP encryption. This plus centralization makes it perfect for privacy.

xmpp advantages over WhatsApp

xmpp advantages over Telegram

xmpp advantages over Signal

xmpp flaws

Every client sucks