Kill-9 recommended computer related things

Here’s a list of useful software you should install on your computer.

Operating system

If you got up into kill-9.xyz is because you know how to install an operating system. If you are using Windows/MacOS Install GNU/Linux or a *BSD operating system.

I highly recommend Debian, Void, and any other distro that does not use systemd (Debian use systemd. But it’s forgivable since they’re the best distros) I do not recommend distros based on other distros (i.e Ubuntu)

The main 4 BSD flavors recomended by kill9 are FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and DragonflyBSD

They are all good for different people, but I will give a quick explanation of what they all are.

FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD: Good, reliable desktop operating systems. DragonflyBSD has lots of interesting features that make it different from FreeBSD but the best thing to do when picking out FreeBSD or DragonflyBSD is trying both to see which one is for you.

OpenBSD: Good, minimalist, secure software. OpenBSD is good if you want a suckless and very secure operating system.

NetBSD: NetBSD runs on anything. I haven’t used it much but it seems like a very nice operating system and a good BSD derivative.

I use FreeBSD and DragonflyBSD as my daily driver, because imo they are the most practical operating systems for daily use within this list, but with BSD you sort of need to try them all to find a good operating system for you.

The only BSDs I do not recommend are BSDs such as (The now-no longer developed) TrueOS, FuryBSD, etc, as they come very bloated out of the box. Using BSDs based on others is okay (OpenBSD is technically based on NetBSD, and DragonflyBSD was a fork of FreeBSD 4.x), but do not use a BSD that is bloated as soon as you install it.


I’m not a moron. All the software can be installed on your distro’s repos. If you use Gentoo. I guess you know what’s a ./configure

Now that you’re using a real operating system there’s some software you should use:

Web browser -> Firefox Is the browser I use. Remember to configure it.


Pandoc is an universal any markup language to any markup language converter (Kill-9 uses Pandoc to convert from Markdown to HTML)

Usage is very simple: pandoc input.md -o output.pdf And that converts from markdown to pdf. It can use beamer and other stuff. Be sure to check the manual. LaTeX options can be passed in yaml at the top of the document.


ffmpeg is just a simple as shit video transcoder

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.mp4


Emacs is the “text editor” that I use. But it can do much more than just editing text. It has its own programming language (Emacs lisp) so you can do mostly anything with it.


Sucks less than gnome-terminal and st. Configured using Xresources. check out my .Xresources

Window Managers

i3wm (or i3-gaps) (or dwm)

It’s a tiling window manager (which i use) it is highly configurable. They say that you shold dwm instead. but they’re basically the same thing. So use which is better for you

berry, 2bwm, wmutils

The other main contributor to kill-9 (the person writing this) uses keyboard-driven floating window managers, and I recommend using 2bwm, berry, or wmutils (which isn’t technically a window manager, but it’s a very good way of managing windows). They are highly configurable and very good. kill-9 recommends berry, 2bwm, and wmutils for this.

Programming languages


Perl is my favorite programming languages. It is the less bad listed in harmful/software. Pretty nice to use. It rocks for text management and web stuff (php’s father)


The legendary programming language everyone should know.


They’re fun to use and very good languages. Remember to read your SICP.