Radical servers comparision

This document pretends to show a comparision of the radical servers. At least the one I've used. I'll dig onto their privacy policy, what they provide…


RiseUp is an anarchocommunist radical server. It provides, for registered users: E-Mail and XMPP. For unregistered users, it provides mailing lists, VPN, pads, filesharing…


Their E-Mail servers is really good. You can have infinite aliases. So you can use your riseup account without having to give your real address. (You can delete adresses anytime)


Riseup. I love you and all. But please, fix your XMPP server, it's unusable:

Privacy policy

Awesome. I don't do this either.

This is okay. I mean, even if you use PGP, the emails header cannot be encrypted. Those logs are removed after a few days.

Meaning they just log that you log once every 4 months. Which is good.

Riseup and government

According to https://riseup.net/en/about-us/policy/government-faq, Riseup would rather nuke their server than giving information to the government.

If you do illegal things in Riseup (drugs, cheese pizza) (which, btw, violates Riseup's TOS), riseup will most likely work with the feds to stop you rather than nuking the organization.


Riseup is literally the best thing you can do for E-Mail. BUT you need to be invited to it. And no. the writer of this won't give you an invite. Don't use this for XMPP.


Snopyta provides way more services than Riseup (which doesn't means it's better)

According to the privacy policy. "No data will be ever shared"


I use the snopyta searx instance as my search engine. And I haven't had a single problem with it. They DON'T log any IP address or search queries. But they really have to update the Searx version. So we can use the morty proxy feature.


I haven't used it. But a friend has. And he haven't had a single problem with it. So I guess it is good. According to the conversations.im compliance test. It has 100% of compliance. Recommended. IP addresses are not stored in the server. Nice


Idk. I haven't use it, they aren't offering more accounts. But, according to their privacy policy:


I use the https://social.snopyta.org mastodon instance. By default. nothing is stored in the server unless you create an account. According to the mastodon privacy policy everything you post is stored in the server (Including private messages). So don't use it for sensitive things.

DNS services

Nothing is logged. If there's some abuse, logs will be kept, but will be nuked after 24 hours.


https://kalli.st provides various services. E-Mail, Git, XMPP,Pleroma and lainsafe (:D)

I’ve only tried their E-Email and their Git, seems to work properly. Also good luck getting an account.


Use it for Searx and XMPP, maybe Mastodon if you want. They provide more services. But they’re require an account or are no too privacy oriented. (RSS, for example) They also provide this pastebin which uses AES256 encryption. And according to them. They have no way to decrypt it.

If you don't trust their "no logs" policy, alright, they provide a hidden service (.onion) for everything. So use that instead!

These are all the services I've used for things. If I use more services. I'll add them here.