Freenet rocks!

Freenet is a content-based anonymous network, this means, that unlike tor, it is based only in content rather than services, you don’t need. a webserver to host a website in freenet. You only have to insert it.

Then, when you have that website uploaded in freenet, you’ll be seeding it, other people will visit and they’ll become seeders as well! So you can turn off your computer, and the website will be still accessible!

Any content you download will be kept in the datastore, a encrypted file that has every content you’ve visited in freenet. This file is encrypted and can be only decrypted with the keys. There are 4 types of keys but the most important are:

This is a freenet URL:,twOe8gGJw~8~p-ICxazYTVduvS4RJZfiLUKRmRzo3so,AQACAAE/qorg/34/


Notice how freenet has “versions” this in freesites are some kind of wayback machine. You can go to any version of a freesite by modifying the URL, for example:,twOe8gGJw8p-ICxazYTVduvS4RJZfiLUKRmRzo3so,AQACAAE/qorg-1/

That will take you to the first version of my freesite

There are some plugins to Freenet, like Frost or Sore, which enables social media over freenet.