Debian second best distro

Debian is a (very) old GNU/Linux distribution. Which has done a lot (lot) to the Free Software movement. And we owe it almost every GNU/Linux distribution. Such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Deepin. And many, many more. It started in 1993 by Ian Murdock (✝). The name Debian is the combination of his name and his girlfriend’s name (Deborah + Ian)

There’s the Debian Manifesto, which you can read here Where a 100% Free (As in freedom) GNU/Linux distribution is stated.

There’s also the DFSG (Debian Free Software guidelines). Which are the guides that a package must follow for it to be considered Free Software by Debian. I am not going to state them here. But you can read it here.

Debian has a lot of good stuff and a bit of bad stuff. But the bad stuff can be easily fixed

But there’s also bad stuff.

That’s all about Debian. Probably my favorite distro and you should use it if you’re new to GNU/Linux.