Windows sucks

Windows is proprietary software so you don’t have control over it. Instead micr*s*ft has control over YOU . The following operating systems sucks:

Microsoft spies on you, puts ads on your system and charges you. Which should be illegal. In fact spying on you should be illegal.

Windows comes with installed program you didn’t even asked for. which is true bloatware. More bloated than the Linux kernel.

Windows sucks for development, you don’t have any equivalent to, for example /usr/include and you have to install bash/cygwin to get a “GNU/Linux feeling”

Microsoft really hates standards, their products used not to be compatible with most standards. Internet Explorer for example. GNU software doesn’t follows the standards at 100%, but GNU software does add something useful to the software instead of making it a pain in the ass.


Is not a mistery for anyone that Win10 is absolutely backdoored. A example of this is that Microsoft disk encryption is backdoored. Since it stores the unlocking password in your Microsoft account.

If you try to install another browser (Firefox the one which rhymes with “Noodle Dome”) it begs you not to


Not allowing the user to install whatever he wants is very shitty. It’s my fucking computer!

Not to mention when Microsoft forced the users to install Windows 10. Sometimes without users knowing.


Windows update remove software installed. For example. If you upgrade windows, very likely the MBR will be overwritten. So if you were dual-booting with GNU/Linux, prepare the GRUB (or LILO) Fixer USB.

In Windows, a DRM files can be used to identify people using Tor. The vulnerability only exists in Windows (Win-fags BTFO)

Windows informs to the NSA about exploits before fixing them

Not to mention Windows upgrades without your consent. We already talked about why automatically upgrades are bad:

Conclusion: Don’t trust proprietary software. Especially in sensitive subjects. Such as privacy, encryption…