Python is the worst programming language used nowadays

Lacks everything

Versions hell

Python (Not these days) have two main versions 2.7 and 3.x. Syntax are quite different, for example:

print "Hello, I'm using a stupid programming language\n" # Python 2.7
print ("Hello, I'm using a stupid programming language\n") # Python 3.x

That means a python 2.7 code don’t run on a python3 interpreter, and python 3.0 don’t run on a python2.7 interpreter.

Which is fine, but Python mantained python 2.7 for so long. It ended support on 2020 and should not be used anymore. But some programmers do not want to make the change.

Other stuff

What the hell is a __main__?

Python is the slowest programming language I’ve ever seen. It takes one second to print a help message in youtube-dl