Software considered harmful

In the sidebar on the left, you can find why i consider some points of the software bad.

I did not fall for the minimalism meme, but sometimes Minimalistic software less bad than non minimalistic software. Sometimes a “bloated” program is way better than non bloated ones, for example, Emacs vs Vim. Or Firefox vs Surf.

Here you can find a table (Consider this as a TODO) I am not including GNU utilities because, altough they don’t follow standards, their extensions are kinda useful. So I don’t consider them harmful.

Harmful things Better alternatives
KDE, Gnome i3wm, dwm, Xfce
Windows, MacOS GNU/Linux, The BSDs, PureDarwin, Haiku
Vim, Vi nano, Emacs, ed, joe, zile, jed
MacBooks ThinkPads, Toughbooks
Java, C++, Python, Clojure Perl, C, Common Lisp, Scheme
Clang GCC, TCC
Wayland X11
GTK, QT Tk, curses
Intel, Realtek, Broadcom network drivers Atheros (ath9k/ath5k compatible)
Object oriented programming Procedural, or even better, functional programming
Electron Throwing yourself to an active volcano, you cannot be saved
Wordpress werc, cleg
Chromium, G**gle Chrome, Safari, M*cr*soft Edge, Brave, Opera, Opera Gaming, Vivaldi Firefox, Librewolf, Qutebrowser, Palemoon, GNU IceCat, Goddamit, Even surf is better than those browsers
G**gle Search, Bing DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Qwant and the best of all, Searx
WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter DM’s, Discord IRC, xmpp, Matrix, Mumble
Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail Self hosted email server, Riseup
s̜̣͕͠y̹̼̮̱̞͇͢s̟̺̮̼̳ṱe̴̞̜͙m̱͜d̼ runit, OpenRC, SysVinit
pacman, dnf, yum, dpkg xbps, apt, emerge, pkg
Steam, Epic Games store GOG (Just the game installer, not the gog galaxy thing)

The programs here are worse than useless so they require no alternative: