Online classes are literally Hitler

Because pandemics, we had to start making online classes.

Who the fuck thought that giving classes through internet would be a good idea?

Teachers just send homework and barely classes. (Not to say that much people can’t have access to the online lessons). Reciving 15 mostly useless emails a day stresses me a lot because I don’t know what I should do with it

Cyberexams are stupid

Some schools are trying to make the cyber classroom to be a real classroom:

>lets try our best to make the computer feel like a physical classroom instead of using the tools given, who cares about comfort or privacy anyways

(What’s the issue with copying on exams if you aren’t learning anything?)

I don’t like the idea of a school depending on another corporation to do their exams. You’re giving the students’ data to the corporation which cannot be forgiven.

Some schools are even making students to put webcams on the online classes and exams (which is not good, students may have self esteem issues, Or just don’t want to have a webcam in front of them). Could be privacy passed if they used software like Jitsi. But they use, for example z*om, g**gle meet, and stuff like that.

Avoiding it would be easy. Just say you don’t have a webcam and you don’t have money for one. Problem solved. But probably some schools wouldn’t let you start the exam for that reason.