Cryptocurrencies are deleuzian 1

The value is given by the market, says neoliberals. The value is given by work that has been put on the product, says the communists and anarchists. 1s and 0s have value, says cryptobros.


>Be someone
>“This will change the world!”
>“We are going to nuke the banks!
>”This is private! No one can see your transactions!"
>"Blockchain is the future!

Obviously, as it happens with mostly everything in this world, if you like something it’s because you don’t know how it works. Basically a blockchain is a linked list (but cryptobros don’t know what a linked list). Which is append only, and everyone can visit it, and see who made a transaction of how much, when and to who. Feel free to put the BTC address in the index of this domain in

I had a conversation with a cryptobro and he asked me why i put the address on my website if anyone can put it in that website and see my transactions. And this only tells us that cryptocurrency users don’t even know how the shit they love works.

The least shit blockchain is the one XMR (Monero) uses, and I think Monero is the only cryptocurrency that could have future. But cryptobros (fortunately) don’t know about it.


Imagine you want to buy a painting by a XIV century painter, so you buy the shit but the only think you get is a paper, written with the cheapest pen in the convinence store, that says that you own the thing. So yeah, the paper says you own the thing. And then you ask “hey can i take my painting home?” and they say no, because you only bought a paper that says that you own the painting, not the painting itself. If you think this is ridiculous, congratulations because you understood NFTs perfectly.

NFTs claim to be unique and shit. Nevertheless, if you go to any NFT marketplace and search for anything, you’ll get the same results, but with different colors.

People actually pay for this

If you ask me, I think this is money laundering.

And let’s not forget when someone who kinda has all my respect could scam 2.7 Million by selling hashes that say you own monke pics2 3

Not to mention how idiotic it’s to own something a jpg, in the cyberspace, where you can literally cp(1) the file as much as you want. And use it anywhere. But cryptobros actually pay for owning jpegs.

  1. This image↩︎

  2. Guy made 2.7 million for a fucking picrew↩︎

  3. Also by the way most NFT art are, for some reason i don’t understand, monkeys.↩︎