Distrust Cloudflare’s certs from browser’s Certificate Authority

The only good thing about the evil certificate authority is that you can manually edit it in your browser, in this guide i’ll show how to distrust Cloudflare’s certs in Pale Moon, but these steps should be similar in other browsers.

Why cloudflare’s certificates? well, they’re useless since cloudflare’s MITM will decrypt the HTTPS request automatically. You can learn more about the crimes of cloudflare here: https://codeberg.org/qorg11/stop_cloudflare

  1. Open the settings (tools>preferences)

  2. Go to advanced>certificates

  1. Click “View Certificates”

  2. Click “Baltimore CyberTrust Root and click edit trust

  1. Uncheck everything

  2. Click “Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3” and click in “Delete or distrust”

  1. Click “okay”

  2. Go to any cloudflared website

  3. There!