Getting help about Emacs

Emacs is a very big software and you’ll surely will need help about it. There are some ways to get help on Emacs.

Self documenting text editor

Emacs claims to be a self-documenting text editor. And it’s true:

Emacs has a lot of built-in documentation. For example. If you don’t know what the C-r keybindings do, you can do this:

C-h k C-r_

Emacs will split and will show what the keybindings you gave does.

Emacs has a built-in tutorial. You can access to it by pressing C-h t.

Getting help from another users

You can talk to other Emacs users and ask them for help on some sites:

Tips about emacs

There’s a twitter account which post tips about Spacemacs and Emacs. The account’s owner also posts useful packages you can install in Emacs.